Headquarters Business Park

TESBackground & Context:

  • Adeem Al Wataniya, local developer in Jeddah
  • Headquarters Business Park – Corniche, Jeddah, Middle East
  • 54 storey tower – 245,000 m2 total area
  • Mixed used development consisting of offices, residential and 300 bed hotel

TES Tri-generation Solution:

CES Energy joint venture company TES has been selected to provide electricity, cooling and hot water to the iconic Headquarter Business Park. This on-site power generation is known as Tri-generation.
CES Energy joint venture company TES has entered into an energy supply contract for 25 years with the client on a Build, Own, Operate (BOO) basis to provide energy at predetermined rates. The entire solution from design, construction, ownership, operation and maintenance will be the responsibility of CES Energy joint venture company TES.

TESEquipment Overview:

  • 8 no. Diesel Generators – 2 MW each
  • Total installed power will be 16 MWe
  • 3 no. electrical chillers – each 1,400 TR
  • 3 no. absorption chillers – each 700 TR
  • 4 no. cooling towers located on the 30th floor
  • Saline Water Reverse Osmosis Plant 1,300 m3 per day
  • Grey water is cleaned and reused in cooling towers
  • Design load 6.5 MWe and 4,300 TR cooling


Clients Benefits:


The appointment of specialist CES Energy joint venture company TES reduces capital costs for Adeem Al-Wataniya while ensuring their customers obtain competitively priced, reliable and environmentally friendly energy.

The Headquarters’ Tri-generation plant will be capable of generating 16MW of electricity, 6,300 TR of cooling and the hot water requirement. It can operate at 85% efficiency saving up to 15,000 tons of CO2 per annum; this is equivalent to taking 10,000 cars off the road. The efficient on-site power generation at the Headquarters Business Park ensures that the Headquarters is not only iconic in quality, appearance, location and service but world excellence was also considered in the energy its usage.