Red Sea Mall

Red Sea MallBackground & Context:

  • Red Sea Mall Development – King Abdul Azis Road, North Jeddah, Middle East
  • 3 floors commercial mall housing over 500 stores, 4 no. of anchor tenants including supermarket & a 7 storey hotel and office building
  • 242,000m2 total retail floor area &  4,200 parking  spaces
  • Mixed used development consisting of commercial, hotel and offices

TES Solution:

CES Energy joint venture company TES has been selected to provide energy centre to the entire Red Sea Mall complex.

Red Sea Mall

CES Energy joint venture company TES has awarded an energy supply contract for 25 years with the client on a Build, Own, Operate (BOO) basis to provide energy at predetermined rates. The entire solution from design, construction, ownership, operation and maintenance will be the responsibility of CES Energy joint venture company TES.

Equipment Overview:

  • 24 no. Diesel Generators –1 MW each
  • Total installed power will be 24 MWe
  • Complete Exhaust system with Silencers
  • Acoustic Housing
  • All associated MEP integration and controls

Red Sea Mall

Clients Benefits:

The appointment of specialist CES Energy joint venture company TES reduces capital costs for Red Sea Mall Development while ensuring their customers obtain competitively priced, reliable and environmentally friendly energy.

The Red Sea Mall Energy Centre will be capable of generating 24MW of electricity. The efficient on-site power generation at the Red Sea Mall ensures continues power supply to the critical in-house stores, supermarket, hotel and offices.