Dandenong Precinct

Dandenong PrecinctBackground and Context

VIC Urban, the development arm for the Victorian government, is in the stages of one the largest suburban re-developments in recent years with its AUD$290 million revitalising central Dandenong initiative.

It is estimated that the revitalisation will help to create up to 5,000 new jobs, 4,000
new homes and to leverage $1 billion in private sector development in the city centre
over the next 15 to 20 years.

In addition to various architectural upgrades, one of the key elements to the new
development is the inclusion of a central energy centre, producing the electrical,
heating and cooling demands of the central Dandenong area.

Dandenong PrecinctPlant Equipment

  • 1no 2,000 kWe Gas fired Engine
  • 1no 4,000 kWe Gas fired Engine
  • 1no 300 kW Gas fired hot water boiler
  • 1no 1450 kW Gas fired hot water boiler
  • 2no Exhaust gas heat exchangers
  • All necessary pumps and Heat exchangers
  • Dry-air type dump coolers
  • Automated control system, including remote monitoring capability
  • Reticulation network pumps including duty stand by and full water treatment and oxygen removal facilities

Dandenong PrecinctTechnical issues overcome

  • Successful installation and commissioning of first ever underground hot water network in Australia
  • Integration to proposed and existing buildings through heat exchanger pits
    where by building owners utilise MTHW to produce all of the buildings chilled and hot water demand
  • Demand management strategy amoungst key hot water users
  • Substantial tonnes of CO2 displaced per year
  • Security of energy supply
  • Vast reduction in plant room size and complexity for building owners

Dandenong Precinct

Solution Overview

  • Following a highly competitive tender process, Cogent Energy was selected on the basis of its technical expertise, delivery capability and low upfront cost to the redevelopment project, given Cogent’s BOO scheme.
  • Full design and engineering of centralised Co-generation facility (Power, MTHW)
  • Build own operate model, where by Cogent responsible for the installation and continued maintenance of the energy centre.
  • Design of underground hot water reticulation network, over 2 km in length, delivering medium temperature hot water (MTHW) to up to 15 independent facilities.
  • System scheduled to be commissioned in July 2012, with Cogent Energy
  • Centralised facility includes an electrical substation where power is exported to the various facilities around Dandenong using the existing grid network.