Leo Pharmamaceutical

Leo PharmaBackground & Context

  • LEO Pharma is an established leader in the Irish healthcare market in a number of key therapeutic areas such as dermatology and coagulation.
  • The site in Crumlin has been in operation since 1961
  • In 2011, Leo decided to install a high efficiency Tri-Generation system on site, to reduce energy costs and minimise site CO2 emissions.

CES Energy Tri-Generation Solution

  • CES Energy selected as high-efficient energy solution provider
  • Supply and install of Tri-Generation system including;
    • 1,166 kWe Gas fired Engine
    • 350 kWc Absorption Chiller
    • 540 kWth Heat Recovery Steam Generator
  • Full Turnkey scope of supply, from fuel input to electricity, heat and chilled water outputs
  • System available as back-up in case of loss of power from grid
Leo Pharma

Client Benefits

  • Up to 3,876 tonnes of CO2 displaced per year
  • Up to 97 % of the facility electrical demand produced on-site
  • Substantial reduction in energy bills
  • Security of energy supply

Leo Pharma