Wind Powered Generation (WPG)

In the current climate of rising energy prices and uncertain fossil fuel price stability, and with the increasing impact of ‘carbon taxes’ or carbon trading schemes on-site WPG provides an attractive and economic alternative to imported grid electricity. The concept is to use the natural wind resource at an industrial facility to generate power for consumption on-site.


The CES Energy WPG Solution

Wind TurbineCESenergy can offer a complete turnkey solution from the design stage right through to commissioning. The CESenergy includes the following:

  • Design, install, operation and maintenance of an on-site WPG system comprising one or more turbines with a power output in the range 300 kW – 2 MW, with a height of 40 – 80 m. This system provides electricity for consumption on-site.
  • EPC or ESCo type contracts
  • Decommissioning or re-commissioning of the turbine(s) at the end of agreed lifetime.