Project Finance

CES Energy can offer you a number of flexible finance solutions to deliver energy saving for your business.  Having first identified and verified that an on-site energy generation solution is a viable option we work with our customers to understand their requirements and then offer a tailored financial solution whereby we take on the financing of the project.  Projects delivered in this way are often referred to as ESCo (Energy Supply Company) or BOO (Build Own Operate) models.  We can guarantee seamless migrations from your existing energy arrangements to high efficiency on-site solution.

We implement this model by the following:

  • CES Energy acts as an Energy Supply Company (ESCo) your energy supplier
  • Customer enters into Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with CES Energy with agreed rates for energy
  • Customer receives single monthly bill at no additional cost

CES Energy designs, builds, operates, maintains and finances an on-site energy solution, which delivers the primary energies needs of your business (electricity, hot water/steam and cooling) CES Energy can provide the turnkey energy centre and take over the full procurement of all energy requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss further finance and payment options