Feasibility Studies

CES Energy experts are involved in the design, build, operation and maintenance of Turn Key solutions.  CES Energy provide accurate real life feasibility studies which cover all aspects of your energy requirements. Our Energy Feasibility Studies are an important business case analysis tool which we use in preparation for helping you make effective business decisions on your energy needs.

A feasibility study can determine which combination of renewable energy technologies most effectively meet your energy requirements and goals.

When integrating renewable energy into a new construction project or major renovation, this level of renewable energy assessment will typically be commissioned by our design team.

Screenings look at the viability of each type of renewable energy, a feasibility study gets into details used to choose technologies and options within a technology type, such as the scale of wind turbine or the type of solar thermal systems to best reach project goals.

The feasibility study takes a deeper look into the remaining technologies to:

  • Quantify energy variations, and the value of that energy
  • Review details of utility interconnection, tariffs, and revenue
  • Analyse access to financial incentives as well as project funding models
  • Assess economic feasibility with a detailed and credible life-cycle cost analysis

Renewable energy feasibility studies provide technology and financing options. We at CES Energy carry out comprehensive feasibility studies for all our clients as part of our overall solution.