Energy Audits

The first step and an essential aspects of reducing energy costs is to get a clear understanding of where your energy is being used and a profile of its use. Energy Audits have increased exponentially over the last 30 years due to the ever growing need for a sustainable future brought on by the escalating cost of energy.

CES Energy has a team of expert engineers that can perform a complete review of your businesses current energy consumption. We conduct comprehensive energy audits of facilities which identify key areas of demand reduction and possible on-site generation with specific focus on pay back periods and carbon reduction. These Audits are investment grade quality and can form part of CES Energy turnkey solutions covering all stages from initial audit to implementation finance and on-going operation. Outlined below is a typical energy saving cycle:

As Investors always demands clear visibility on savings and returns, the implementation of any energy projects investment must deliver clear results and deliverable results. A full engineering investigation is needed in order to deliver an investment grade audit, CES Energy have extensive experience is this area and a team of professional people that deliver results, feel free to contact our team regarding your energy audits.