Athena Building

Athena BuildingDistrict Heating
160-188 High Street, Stratford, London E15 2NE


  • Inis Developments
  • London and Quadrant
  • 300 apartments
  • Turnkey district heating solution
  • 2008-2010

Equipment overview

  • 3 no. 740kW gas fired boilers
  • 1 no. 50kW biomass boiler
  • Pumps, pressurisation units, water treatment
  • Hot water calorifier
  • LPHW distribution system
  • 300 no. indirect consumer heat interface units (HIU)

CES Energy

Design – CES Energy responsible for the design of the district heating solution
Install – CES Energy responsible for the installation of all mechanical, electrical and control systems associated with the district heating system
Commission – CES Energy is responsible for the commissioning of the complete district heating system (plantroom, LPHW pipework, HIU, controls)

Towering 28 storeys above London, on the cusp of the Olympic Park, Athena is a breathtaking tribute to the spirit of the games. Its cutting-edge design stretches the boundaries of modern construction both aesthetically and technically, implementing the latest engineering concepts to support and promote renewable urban living.

The Team

Developer: The McFeeley Group DH Design: CESenergy
Construction: Lancsville Construction Energy contractor: CESenergy
Architect: Stock Woolstencroft Consumer Unit:  PEWO

The Engineering Brief

The Engineering Brief

The Athena Building

To be avant-garde in our thinking, to conceive and implement an environmentally compatible solution, that would significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the overall structure, enabling the developer, to not only meet their EcoHomes commitment but to surpass it. CESenergy was contracted to design and build the entire district heating solution. Commencing with the all important, energy centre and culminating with the installation of a unique consumer unit situated within each apartment.

The Development

This prestigious scheme forms a pivotal role in the regeneration of Stratford. It encompasses 298 high specification residential apartments, spanning 3 unique blocks, including 52 affordable homes as part of a mixed use venture. Whilst offering considerable provision for choice commercial units within the main tower.

The Concept

The Athena Building

District Heating

This provides thermal energy from a central source to more than one dwelling via a sophisticated network of pipes, eliminating the requirement for individual arrangements. Whilst also presenting the opportunity to exploit surplus heat that would otherwise be discarded into the atmosphere, adding to the sustainability of the building.

The Process

Heat is produced in the energy centre located on the lower ground floor and circulated through the primary pipe. It then separates into three unconnected risers, accessing a distribution network which unites every apartment, providing heat throughout the building.

The Energy Centre

The bespoke energy centre is situated at the core of the development, containing a Biomass boiler, 3 no. non-condensing gas boilers, 2 no. buffer vessels, 2 no. primary loop pumps, 2 no. Secondary distribution pumps, primary & secondary loop pressurisation units c/w expansion vessels. Each piece of plant was finely engineered to produce significantly greater efficiencies and enhanced pollution control.

Note: CHP, Geothermal and PV were not necessary for this project as the
renewable requirement was comfortably attained within the parameters of
system designed.

The Flue

For gasses to be safely released from the confines of the energy centre, the scheme includes a purpose-built flue system, which is fixed to the building fabric, comprising of insulated stainless steel stacks, extending 93m vertically through the heart of the central tower. To endorse the technical security of the flue, prefabricated sections are packed with dense mineral wool fibre, the joints are compressed with silicone rings, held tight with high temperature silicone sealant and locking ties, providing total confidence in the construction.

The PEWO Unit & Controls

Each apartment is supplied with a PewoCompact unit. This hydraulic interface unit has two heat exchangers, one for domestic hot water and one for space heating. The plate heat exchangers are created to guarantee low return temperatures for high efficiency. The continuous flow principle assures immediate hot water, precise control over temperature and an accurate record of consumption for residents.
To assist in the building management, the units are also fitted with an M-bus system, which allows for remote metering and billing, whilst simultaneously offering a complete overview of the entire operation, negating unforeseen events, by offering real-time information and hence facilitating a rapid response programme.